Red and Black Splashes
Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria
Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
Cornflower, Bachelor's Button
Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria

Common name:Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria
Botanical name:Alstroemeria hybrids

The deciduous rhizomes of this Peruvian lily will often run aggressively if not controlled. They grow best in full to part sun with some summer watering in dry climates. The florist strains can reach 6' tall, while the compact strains range from 12-36" For extra long, florist quality stems, stake or grow through netting for support. -Monterey Bay Nursery

Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)

Common name:Hybrid Tea Rose (selections)
Botanical name:Rosa Hybrid Tea varieties

These shrubs and vines are the most-loved in the West and are very resilient. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and are easy to maintain with proper care. They can be used in a water-conserving garden with careful attention to irrigation practices.

Cornflower, Bachelor's Button

Common name:Cornflower, Bachelor's Button
Botanical name:Centaurea cyanus

This plant has leaves that are 10cm high x 5mm wide and stems that can reach 1m high. It produces blue/purple, white, and pink flowers from May-September.

Compost for Healthy Soil and Plants

The natural world works in cycles. Everything is changing form and moving from place to place in an endless energy exchange system. The leaves and twigs that fall to the ground, not to mention other life forms that might die, decompose and combine with water, air and minerals of the soil to create a medium for future plants.

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Designer: Sarah Nichols

Red and Black Splashes

Photographer: GardenSoft

Soils and Compost:

Maintain a two to four inch layer of mulch on the soil surface to reduce weeds, infiltrate rain water, and reduce compaction.

Integrated Pest Management:

Drip and other smart irrigation delivers water directly to roots, allowing no excess water for weeds.